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About Dashkin

DASHKIN is a series of games set in a natural world of grasslands, glades, forests and mountain caverns. It is a side scrolling platformer of high-speed challenges through Adam Phillips' world of Brackenwood. You play as Bitey, the last of the Dashkin. Capable of super high speeds you must avoid obstacles, creatures and the menacing YuYu. The game is based on the multi award-winning animated episodes found at Bitey Castle. Dashkin is published by Brackenwood Games

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Dashkin is a 2D/3D side-scrolling multiplayer ball-game called "BrackenSack". Two opposing teams of Dashkin attempt to hit a leather ball into opposite goals. BrackenSack is now available for Windows on the Dashkin game website.

Development Team

Adam Phillips is an artist whose career in traditional 2D animation began in 1993, landing a job as a trainee inbetweener at Disney's Australian studio in Sydney. Working up to eventually become FX supervisor, Adam left Disney in 2004 to pursue his own animation projects. He developed the world of Brackenwood in a series of animated shorts on Newgrounds where it gained a loyal following.

In 2010 Kirk Sexton was a server engineer at EA2D Bioware and Adam worked there briefly as an art lead. It is rumoured they hated each other at that time. Despite this, in October 2016, they put their differences aside and began discussing a collaboration. Soon thereafter they began work on Dashkin.


Short version

Brackenwood is being invaded. Slowly but surely, the inky black outposts of the shadowy YuYu invaders are growing larger and larger, swallowing the land within them.

Bitey is the last of the Dashkin people. With tantalising clues to his past, the mysterious flying girl lures him through increasingly difficult obstacle courses, training him for a confrontation with the invaders.

Playing as Bitey, you will visit different regions of Brackenwood, unlock his story and activate special powers needed to destroy YuYu outposts and ultimately, their nest.

Game Synopsis

Long Ago when the shadowy Yuyu horde swept through the beautiful forest world of Brackenwood, all of the people disappeared. All of the people that is, except for one little dashkin toddler, left to fend for himself alone in the wild world. With the people gone, Brackenwood's natural defenses began to fall to the Yuyu. The invaders began to take root, suffocating the forests and inhabiting the creatures.

Now, years later, the dashkin toddler is in his prime, capable of the super agility and god-like speed of his people. The events of his childhood are a fading nightmare and he is now largely unaware of any danger, with only rare encounters with shadowy creatures and smoky tendrils. The wild creatures know him only as "Bitey", but his true name is unknown. As Bitey, the last of the Dashkin, you wander, leap and dash through the empty beauty of Brackenwood, amusing yourself with hunting and aimless play.

The Flying Girl

One day a mysterious flying girl appears with tantalising clues to the Dashkin people and those frightful events of the past. With her guidance, you'll master your speed and hone your reflexes in training for a battle ahead.


For generations before they disappeared, the Dashkin folk of Brackenwood enjoyed contests of skill and agility. BrackenSack was a game in which speed and accuracy dominated. As part of your training, the flying girl guides you through obstacle courses and introduces you to this ancient, brawling ball-game of Bitey's people. The rugged, heavily-stitched leather ball was traditionally crafted with a head and limbs to make its bounces slightly unpredictable. It resembled the “fatsack”, a common grasslands creature; hence the name of the game, BrackenSack.