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Dashkin is a PC based game created using Unreal Engine and Toon Boom Harmony

Hardware Requirements

Minimum System Specs

  • Minimum resolution : 800x600
  • Operating system : Windows XP SP 2
  • Graphics card : Shader model 4.0 support (Nvidia 8 series, ATI Radeon HD 2000+)

Graphics Settings

If you're having trouble with client performance, try changing the following

  • Change your overall quality in the video settings menu
  • Lower your resolution in the video settings menu
  • Disable vertical sync in the video settings menu
  • Run in 'fullscreen' mode
  • Make sure you're running the game on your primary monitor
  • Install the latest drivers for your graphics card
  • Look for posts on the forums or create a new thread for your issues and the community may be able to help

Install dependencies

Dashkin requires the following to be installed to run the game