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Dashkin features a range of pickups or collectables throughout the game.


These are experience points found all over the world, or awarded for difficult moves. They can be spent in the Skill Tree to learn new moves and prepare Bitey for more difficult confrontations.

Storm Eggs

Sometimes called "waterlollies", these are relatively small spheres (about the size of a small bird's egg) of condensed syrup that fall from the sky in a musical storm. The shock of hitting the ground usually triggers a reaction that weakens the skin somewhat, making the storm egg instantly become approximately 9 times the size.

The syrup inside the sphere has strange healing qualities and traditionally, Viccans used them to care for sick plants and cure ailments in people and animals.

"Unshocked" storm eggs (those that are still small) had a common use. It involved piercing a tiny hole in the skin, so that the syrup spurts out in a fine, thin stream. The egg is then kept in the mouth all day, usually taking that long to dissolve. It had an invigorating effect and was very useful for keeping up energy during long periods of hard work.

If placed in the mouth without piercing a hole, there was a real danger that the sphere could expand violently and suddenly, splitting the face open and breaking teeth and jaws.

An invigorating treat, storm eggs provide a speed boost for a short time.


Mysterious journal pages are scattered about the various regions. They form a codex of information that reveals more about the world and its history.