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Each region of Dashkin has its own set of obstacles, some unique and some common to other regions.

All collidable obstacles have their unique warning texture, that is, a visual indicator that Bitey is approaching an obstacle. Boulders have flowers, brambles have thorny canes, stalactites have glow worms and so on.

Obstacles are split into the following categories


The hard obstacles are those that are unyeilding. When Bitey collides with these at anything above a moderate pace, a painful smack-crunch is clearly heard.

However, when moving slowly (anything below run speed), Bitey can usually walk over these obstacles.


Brambles and thickets are known as soft obstacles simply because Bitey can fall through them.

Depending on the obstacle, these may be passed by dashing, jumping, sliding or colliding. For example, sliding under a bramble or mushroom is the best course of action because pickups and items are usually beneath. Dashing is the best way to get quickly across water like ponds and lakes.

Soft obstacles usually slow Bitey down, whether it's by making him swim, crawl or stumble.

Trip traps

This type of obstacle causes Bitey to trip, slow down or lose his footing. Examples are tangling vines and roots, sticky mud or slippery surfaces. Bitey can gain sticky or slippery hoof abilities in the Skill Tree which grants immunity to certain trip traps.


Most creatures are considered mobile obstacles because when collided with, they move. Sometimes they run away, other times they attack, causing Bitey more grief.