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BrackenSack 2006

The earliest BrackenSack was a Flash game made in 2006 by Adam Phillips and Daniel "Vector" Kerr. Playing as Bitey, you continuously bounce Fatsacks Fatsack on your head for as long as possible, gaining points and levels based on skill shots and saves. On release, the global high scores were immediately hacked so Phillips never completed the game and today the only evidence that it ever existed is a gameplay video.

The game idea came directly from the first Brackenwood movie, Bitey of Brackenwood, when fans expressed a strong desire to play a game as Bitey.

BrackenSack 2017

Whilst developing the Dashkin single-player game, the developers discussed releasing a smaller game focusing on replayability and to gauge fan reaction. Ultimately this led to the decision to make a multiplayer BrackenSack first.

Initial Release

  • Grasslands level
  • Offline play vs bots

Update 1

  • New level ‘Midnight Ridge’
  • Massive performance improvements
  • Fixed crippling client & server performance-over-time issues
  • Ball indicator improvements
  • Control improvements
  • Bugfixes

Update 2

  • New level ‘Gloomy Hollow’
  • New gameplay sound effects
  • Nonstandard Gamepad Support
  • Host your own Dedicated Servers!
  • Servers now rotate through a playlist of maps!
  • Performance Optimizations

Update 3



Bitey was supposed to be "the last of the dashkin", so Phillips was concerned about making a multiplayer game in what fans knew as an abandoned world. So the story of BrackenSack takes place before the Dashkin disappeared from Brackenwood.


Players on opposing teams of Dashkin attack the ball and opponents in an attempt to score goals. A team's score is incremented when a player hits the ball into the goal at the opposite end.


Points are accumulated through scoring goals, winning matches and impressive feats of gameplay skill, such as first touch, ball control and goal intercepts. These accumulated points may then be spent to unlock new abilities in the Skill Tree or customise the player's appearance.

Skill Tree

The skill tree is a network of locked abilities that may be unlocked with gameplay points. Each chosen path through the skill tree represents a new and unique style of play with different abilities.


Players have three main movement states for certain conditions

Player Movement Conditions
State Low Mid Air
Stationary Crouch Stand Standing jump
Moving Crawl Walk Running jump
Slide Trot Dashing leap


Full Contact

Players are able to attack the ball and other players. Each of the following abilities will collide with the ball and any opposition players within range.

A powerful straight attack punching the ball forward
A medium attack launching the ball upward
Trips players and pops the ball up into the air
Slow but very powerful downward smash, sending opponents and ball in all directions. Note - this move is an excellent clearing technique when opponents and ball are dangerously close to your goal.


The ball can be controlled with a "pop-up" or "catch" move. This move does not hit other players and can be used to kill ball speed, making it a very effective, advanced controlling technique. It naturally results in more aerial and non-violent play styles centered around precision and strategy.


The game is made in Unreal Engine 4, with 2D characters animated in Toon Boom Harmony. As much as possible, the 3D environments are given a painterly, flat-shaded style to emulate the art of the original Brackenwood animation.