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Dashkin consists of time-trial challenges, so the object of the game is to overcome obstacles as quickly as possible. Unlocking the path through the game is achieved by unlocking levels with speed runs.

Game modes

Story leads you through three main gameplay types, though all are based on speed. It's worth noting that for players new to the game, regardless of game mode it generally takes a few play-throughs to gain sufficient familiarity with a level to ultimately beat it.


Exploration levels allow you to take your time familiarising yourself with the level, seeing the sights, unlocking bonuses and gathering collectables. While exploration is a fun and relaxed mode, these levels will eventually need to be completed in a certain time in order to progress through the game.

Flee and Pursue

While these are essentially the same game mode, Flee is running away from something, while Pursue is keeping pace, or catching something that is fleeing.

Time Trial

Exploration levels can be played in Time Trial mode. This is the ideal mode for sharpening reflexes and trying out new powers.

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