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These are stinging swarms that indicate a nearby hive filled with invigorating nectar.


These ambient floating creatures pulse harmlessly through the air.

Umbrellaflies are insectivourus creatures, feeding on smaller insects. They sit motionlessly in wait for their prey, mimicking a flowering plant. The mantle-like body slams shut over the unsuspecting insect, as soon as it touches the exposed tendrils. After that the Umbrellafly might turn over and fly off to a new location.

The eyes of the creature sit on two retractable, snail-like stalks.


A fatsack feeds by scratching at the grass to disturb clouds of feathergnats, then inhaling them. The creature is very tough and is one of Bitey's favourite toys to headbutt, kick and throw like a ball.

The first BrackenSack was a game of headbutting fatsack like a ball.


Found near rivers and lakes, prowlies will attack Bitey if he runs through them. They gather in groups of 5, known collectively as a "clamber".

With their strong, grasping hands, prowlies attack by latching on and slapping, punching, scratching and pinching.


This large creature is fairly placid but makes a pretty solid obstacle that will cause Bitey to fall heavily. Bitey can slide under a giribus, but the startled creature will flee, making a moving obstacle. It has a honking call can be heard all through the glades.


These small creatures are found in Darkwood. They cannot be interacted with, but instead dwell peacefully in trees and occasionally can be seen flitting across a clearing as it goes in search of bugs and beetles.


These huge, hairy bipedal creatures are the guardians of the forest. They guard, protect and help all forest creatures, especially the smaller, more helpless ones. Morrugs are not very tolerant of Bitey and usually deal with him swiftly by throwing him directly downward and hard into the ground.

A Morrug can be jumped over, but slide or collide will just make it angry.